Paraglider and Hang glider

Let's fly.

Imagine if you were able to fly like a bird.
This is a dream everyone has had since childhood.
We have the key to make it real.
With us you can make it come true.

This is Mt. Ashio. We are here. Only 40 minutes from the university by car.



Paragliders and hang gliders invite you to reach great heights,
this is the best shortcut to the sky.

We utilize the wind, but we can control where to go.

You'll be able to catch a thermal updraft and soar into the sky,
and have a bird's-eye view of the whole city.
Words cannot express well the impression it leaves on you.


We'll give you a trial session at Nijinohiroba
in late April, free of cherge.
You can experience the feeling of floating.
Get more information on our Twitter.


It was a day like any other...



  • April: Welcome party
  • May: Holiday lodging
  • August: Hang glider student cup
  • September: Sandhill lodging
  • November: Food stall in the campus festival
  • December: Year-end party
  • February: Ski lodging
  • March: Send-off party and paraglider student cup

Q and A

When are club activities held?
Basically, we come together at weekends when we are able to fly. You can participate in another club simultaneously.
Is it safe?
It’s true that we have some risks, to the same extent of riding a motorcycle, or partaking in winter sports and marine sports. However, we never fly in an unsafe condition. We take all necessary precautions.
I have acrophobia. Can I fly?
I know people who have acrophobia but fly regardless. Try it.
I’m nonathletic. Can I fly?
Neither good reflexes or plentiful exercise experience are needed.
Can I fly on a rainy day?
You can’t fly when it’s raining, snowing, or too windy. However, you do have the chance to fly when it is cloudy.
Any other activities besides flying?
We sometimes go for dinner together after our weekly meeting on Thursday. We also travel somewhere during vacation time. We sell food during the campus festival every year. It’s optional to join them.


Let's fly!



Feel free to contact us in English.

We have the best environment to begin sky sports.


We deliver information on Twitter in Japanese.