Echo UT


Hello! We are Echo UT, a student organization with goals to raise awareness about environmental sustainability and to encourage our communities to take action. 

In addition to weekly meetings (18:30~19:15 on Mondays), we host international discussions about environmental issues, collect trash around campus, raise awareness through exhibitions and SNS, and educate ourselves about how to make a difference.

Our activities are primarily in English, but we enthusiastically welcome Japanese students of any English ability. Our current members represent diverse nationalities. 

If you are interested in environmental sustainability, want to make friends from diverse backgrounds, and want to make a positive change in your community, Echo is the right place for you!


こんにちは!Echo UTです。





新歓祭へのご参加ありがとうございました! このサイトは引き続き5月末頃まで公開予定です。引き続きご利用ください。
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