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We made an introduction video of our club activities.
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For International Students

Sorry, the english site is now under construction. If you want to know the details of Kashima-Shinryu Martial Sciences, please visit the official site of the Kashima-Shinryu Federation of Martial Sciences. And if you are a student in University of Tsukuba and interested in Kashima-Shinryu, you can join our practice. Please contact us at the following address.



Kashima-Shinryu is Japanese martial sciences for senior Japanese warriors.
This origin is "the sword of Kashima" which has been handed down to the Kashima Jingu Grand Shrine from ancient times.
It contains Ken-jutsu, Ju-jutsu, Batto-jutsu, Naginata-jutsu, and so on.

The purpose of our activity in this club is preserving Kashima-Shinryu and passing on to the next generation.


Our activity location is BUDOKAN in University of Tsukuba.


Now, the number of our members is 25 people.

Training Camp

Every summer, we hold a training camp at Kashima City.


We dedicate ENBU to shrine.


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